I wrestled… I mean really wrestled “thumb war” style about writing this part in the traditional 3rd person.
But come on… you all know it’s me behind the keyboard.  After all this is a blog… so…
I lead worship at North Point Community Church and our six locations scattered around the Atlanta, GA area.
However, a few years ago I signed a label/publishing arrangement with North Point Music, so sometimes people get confused and think I’m on staff. I am not on staff.
But I love the local church and my family and I are actively a part of it.
It’s where we lead a small group, take our kids to child care, serve and attend together.
Andy Stanley is my pastor and friend and I don’t just believe in our mission, but I take that mission with me wherever I travel.

Which brings up my next “Who I am” bio point:
I do travel, singing and leading worship for all kinds and sizes of events:
Camps, retreats, conferences, concerts and occasionally weddings… if you beg.

Writing songs is a daily activity, both on my own and with other writers.  It’s an amazing honor to help put voice to the things people are feeling and wanting to express in music.  Whether songs for a large gathering like Church, or for the car ride home, needing to remember what is most important in life– I count it a huge privilege.

I’ve released five records of my own, two before signing with NP Music and three since then as well as writing and singing on numerous compilation records (see the music page).

Above all this though,  the loves of my life are my wife and 2 daughters.  I value them far beyond any ministry I have listed above and no success this world could offer matters if I’m not leading and loving them first.
As Andy says and I’m doing my best to follow:  “Don’t trade what’s unique to you, for something someone else can do.”
I believe it and in the Darnell home we are choosing to also believe: “The greatest contribution to the Kingdom may not be something I do, but someone I raise”
My mission statement is…. to inspire others to have a greater vision for their lives and what their families CAN be, by living a life of integrity and passion, honest in my successes and failures while telling stories through song and using all platforms to share the life changing message of God’s love!