Moments EP

This is the first collection of songs representing something that’s been in my heart for a decade. Somewhere in-between getting married and finding out I was going to be a dad, my heart started exploding with stories I wanted to share through song. For every song I’ve written with the context of being lead in worship there are 10 songs I have about life in the home on the family journey. I have many MANY more songs to share that I am equally excited about, but this felt like a good place to start for the journey of “Moments.”

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Before The Season's Gone

The Moments EP has a Christmas Bonus song I’m real excited to finally release. While the special song is available on the EP, I wanted to feature it here so you wouldn’t miss it! It’s actually super special to me and my family and I want you to know the story.

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A Song Louder Than Singing

I was listening to a conversation recently between a few youth pastors describing, “what we want for these kids.”
A lot of emphasis was placed on certain things and it got me thinking.
Especially when the question went to me.

But first a little explanation…

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