Before The Season's Gone

The Moments EP has a Christmas Bonus song I’m real excited to finally release. While the special song is available on the EP, I wanted to feature it here so you wouldn’t miss it! It’s actually super special to me and my family and I want you to know the story.

2 years ago, as Christmas was approaching, my uncle Skot’s battle with cancer finally came to an end and he spent that Christmas with Jesus. So once again a season of Joy was met with a heavy heart, not because we don’t have hope or know his life was lived for the glory of God… because we just missed him. And there’s just no way around it, the season can be a tough one for those missing loved ones and all the lights and songs and cheer, can seem to amplify the pain or loneliness we may feel.

So with all those feelings, shortly after he passed I found myself writing this song. But this isn’t a sad song!! It’s a song about being home and remembering what the season is all about. A season when we will “hold our loved ones close and miss the ones who’ve gone.”

I hope it warms your heart like a chestnut roasting on an open fire! And I hope it helps us remember to cherish these days like the gift they really are.