Moments EP

While this EP may seem like a new venture for me or maybe a departure from worship songs, I assure you it’s not!

This is the first collection of songs representing something that’s been in my heart for a decade. Somewhere in-between getting married and finding out I was going to be a dad, my heart started exploding with stories I wanted to share through song. For every song I’ve written with the context of being lead in worship there are 10 songs I have about life in the home on the family journey. I have many MANY more songs to share that I am equally excited about, but this felt like a good place to start for the journey of “Moments.”

“My Little Girl” is an obvious one being a dad of 3 daughters, but it came to be one day as I watched Ava dancing around inside the home on a rainy day, with no worries or cares. I recall thinking, while these moments seem like forever at times, I know this little girl in front of me will only be this way “for a while.” I started thinking about the journey ahead of her and how honored I am to be her dad along the way. At the time, she loved coloring rainbows and would see them everywhere and point them out, which is where that line came from…and God has been using her to help me see the rainbows in the middle of the storms ever since.

True story: I had to sing the last verse maybe 12x because I kept getting choked up at the thought :) “Forever With You” is a song I wrote coming home from one of many trips I had been making to Nashville to write and record for my last self titled record. I remember thinking about my story thus far of pursuing this dream but how I was headed home to the real dream of my wife and family and how I didn’t want to get it wrong and miss it. It’s a story of transitions in perspective with a guy seeing the 3 phases of his life as these moments that are precious and slipping by quickly, with some that “won’t pass by again.”

I thought about my parents and these moments I have in my mind of them sitting in rocking chairs on the porch looking at all of us and what that perspective must be like… how it all goes by so fast.

It has a country flare to it, but that’s what those Nashville sunsets and mountainous journey do to ya! “Hiding Place” is a song I covered by a longtime hero, Steven Curtis Chapman. I grew up watching my dad sing his songs and this one hit me in a unique way coming home from Lighthouse Family Retreat. It was just me and Ava and I had just been listening to his songs and sharing stories with Ava when this song came on. That’s when I realized something for the first time. In his chorus he says, “When the waters rise and I run to hide, Lord in you I find my hiding place.” I was raised on this tune among others and had no idea truly the depths of this song and what it meant, until 20+ years later when I would go through a hardship of my own.

I wrote the song “When the waters rise” after my wife and I experienced our first miscarriage. It wasn’t intentional by any means but just came out of me. So all of the sudden, in the car coming home from Florida with Ava, I’m hit in the face with a reality… The songs we are raised on go deep into who we are, in ways we may never fully appreciate or realize, but for me, when I would eventually face this storm, little did I know the seeds that were sewn as a child would then sprout up like spring and bring life to me. It has made me all the more intentional with the songs I have echoing through our halls for sure! So this song has a special place to me and that’s why I subbed the bridge out for the chorus I wrote as a tribute to it… one that I think SCC would be proud of!!!

+True Story: Met him at a radio event and experienced the most eye sweat ever in my life meeting an artist. We talked for 20 min and I got to thank him for living his life and writing songs in a way a young guy like me could look up to! Then I went outside, called my wife… and bawled. Cause that’s what I do.